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My first game, featuring a pretentious name and a weird concept. The idea was that you play as energy, moving from one living thing to the next. You start out as a little bean shaped creature, eating smaller creatures or plants makes you bigger. If a bigger creature eats you, you then controle that creature. Stop eating for too long and you die, turning into a pile of dirt. A flower will grow from the dirt and you can control how fast and in which direction it grows until it eventually blossoms. If your plant gets eaten you will again control the creature that ate you. I wasn't able to write code when I made this game so I had to rely on the node based scripting tool of the unreal engine. I also didn't have any experience with unreal engine. It took me five weeks until I published it, barely missing the target of four weeks.

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no time to make up a name for a shopping game

The goal of this game is to finish your shopping as fast as possible. You get a shopping list in the beginning than you run through the store and grab everything before the time runs out. Of course some sections are only accessible from one side to annoy you and everyone is standing in your way. You can tackle everyone away except for old people with hats because they will get heart attacks, which would be fine by itself but the incident will get you banned from the shop. As you may have guessed, I used my frustration with real life shopping as inspiration. This is by far my most popular game with nearly 500 downloads. It was also exhibited at the PLAY17 festival in Hamburg.

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My version of asteroids. You shoot on spheres instead of asteroids to destroy them (leading to the name Spheres) The game is simulated in 3D but collisions are calculated based on your 2D perspective. So if it looks like you're crashing into something from your perspective you will actually crash into it even if in 3D space it is in front of or behind you. You can change your perspective to avoid spheres. The shooting and perspective change are tied together by a slow motion mechanik wich kicks in when you hold the perspective-switch-button. The slow motion ability is limited but you can fill it back up by flying around. Flying is difficult and dangerous in the original asteroids, it is still dangerous her but at least you gain something from doing it.

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My version of TRON (tron -> nort). It’s for two players. You draw lines behind your vehicle while you're driving but only if you’re boosting. If one player drives into a line he loses but also only if he’s boosting. So why would you boos at all instead of just standing around? If one player crashes into the other the slower one will lose. If you just stand around your opponent will probably boost through you and you will lose. I liked the presentation of this one. I also added a humming sound that changed it’s pitch when the player turned abruptly to achieve a sound similar to the laser swords from Star Wars.

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Throw a die

This game was made in 48h for the GMTK jam in 2017. You grab the die with your mouse-cursor and throw it. You get points for every time it bounces of something. Walls get you ten points and the floor five. Grab the die before it stops bouncing and through it again to extend your combo. When the die finally comes to a halt the number it shows will be multiplied with your score. The mechanic was fun and worked well with the sound and graphics effects but it could have used more depth.