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Me about myself

My name is Peter Jaschkowske. My expertise lies where users and technologie meet. I study IoT at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Privately and in my studies I deal with technology user experience and graphics. When I’m not working on school projects I also practice japanese, experiment with sewing or work on my longtime video game project.


Others about me

»...almost inspiring.«

- Patrick Tobler (close friend)

»He’s always laughing and I never know why«

- Lukas Geiger (former fellow student)

»A funny owl. He Does the things he wants to do.«

- Jennifer Schnurr (flatmate)

Diversification of sources & Journalism with context

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Concept development

Two big problems of the digital age are the careless propagation of unchecked information and the formation of information-bubbles. Through intensive user research we came up with two solutions. A restructioriasation of sources in news articles to provide the reader with an overview of the journalistic quality of an article before he reads it. A map-like interface that redirects the boredom of users to help them escape their bubble.


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Prototyping project

Not only does this motorised bike trailer turn every bike into a cargo bike it also serves as a hand cart to comfortably move your cargo into buildings while profiting from the electric support.

3D selection

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Personal project

I opened Blender a 3D-modeling software for the first time when I was twelve. My goal was to create a car for my favorite game at the time Trackmania (I still love it). Despite the initial frustration I kept coming back and 3D-modeling turned into a hobby. Today I’m confident in my technical understanding of modeling and rendering and I enjoy the challenge of creating or recreating things in 3D.

Game selection

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Personal project

When I finished school I wanted to make video games, so I did. Without any prior experience in programming or game development I set myself the target of finishing one game every month. I managed to keep that pace for 5 months before drifting off into larger projects. One year later I was invited to exhibit one of my games at the PLAY 2017 festival in Hamburg.

Technical art selection

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Personal project

My appreciation for programming and 3D-graphics quickly merged into a burning passion for technical art. Nothing is more fun to me than coming up with the rule set for displaying something.

70 years of space travel

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This visualisation of Wikipedia-data shows the rise of space travel up to the moon landing and the subsequent decline in rocket launches. Additionally it is shown how the cooperation between the nations evolved over the years. 2019 a new Golden Age of space travel was about to start.