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What this is

Although I use Blender nearly every week the practical use of the models doesn’t usually require them to be pretty, here you can see a few exceptions.

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A simple study of a knife I use every day to cut chocolate. I did it for a tutorial to teach various techniques. The interesting part of this was blending procedural details of the wood with sculpted details like cracks. I tried to avoid sculpting to stay inside my three-hour timeframe.

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3D-modeling quickly leads to shading and procedural art and this was one of the projects I simply could not resist making. The looped warping of the bubble was achieved by moving it in a circle through a 3D, world-space Perlin-noise-texture. The colors on the surface are done with another volumetric texture with RBG-channels. The color is added to the surface normal then the viewing angle from the camera is measured and mapped to a gradient-map. An additional Fresnel mask is applied to constrain the color to the edges of the bubble. Since the swirl-texture is in object space no additional animation is required all to motion comes from different points being sampled while the bubble moves through space.

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Building #1

A recreation of a rooftop that was next to my house. It was made for a game so the polygon count is kept low and normal maps are used for details. The tiles on the edges where modeled for one side and then baked down to the low-poly mesh. The other details were made directly in substance painter. The whole process didn’t take more than one hour.

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Building #2

Another building from my hometown, I always liked it because the bright colors remind me of an old cartoon. I’m also a fan of bricks. It was built to be modular and is a combination of baked details and tileable textures which were created in substance designer. It’s made up of four pieces that are seamlessly repeatable.

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Donut man

This one is from the time when I started to get serious about 3D. A friend and I were working on a game and we needed an enemy character who would throw things at you. Naturally it had to be a hipster guy with donuts. This was the first time I used my 3D skills for something practical and I was surprised by the things I could do.